Updated: May 6

It's my pleasure to endorse Wendy Imel for the Bend-La Pine School Board. As a business professor, she has valuable experience as an educator and brings a fresh perspective to the table. Wendy is a great listener and a methodical decision-maker. I appreciate her focus on setting higher standards and greater achievement for all students.

I fully support Wendy and encourage people to vote for her and positive change by May 18th.

Justin Livingston, Former Bend City Councilor

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I endorse Wendy Imel as a candidate running for the Bend-La Pine School board. She is an educated, well-spoken parent with experience in education that has tirelessly advocated for putting students first over the past year. Wendy is running as a concerned Mom and parent without a political agenda; her focus is on guiding the Bend-La Pine School District to put students and their learning first. I am confident Wendy would be an asset to our School Board and would work hard to continue the work of our School District through a lens of “Kids First”!

Christina Kennedy, parent and teacher

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